Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday Challenge: Festival (Handloom Fair)

The giant wheel, tora-tora and other rides are popular whenever there is a fair in Mumbai. This is a photo of the giant wheel at the Handloom Fair at Chunabhatti, where handloom fabrics, sarees, traditional jewellery, wooden artefacts & furniture are a few of the many things on display for sale.
This one is from my archives. I took the photo sometime in 2007.
For more photos of Festivals around the world, click Thursday Challenge.

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  1. I am afraid off the wheel, once when I was a kid the man running it stopped when I was the highest up and my sister kept making it swing back and forth, the wheel I was on was just open seats with a bar across you and it was not covered, this was back in 1940, Margaret from the state of Michigan USA


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