Monday, September 1, 2008

Odd Shots on Monday #3

This newspaper reading stand lies abandoned in the market area in Vashi for years now. Earlier, people used to stand here and read newspapers. The newspapers were provided free (Im not sure who exactly provided them -Municipal body or..), a cord tied along the centre page of each newspaper, to keep it in its place.

Either people are not reading newspapers much nowadays, or most can afford to buy one (which I think is true).


  1. Anonymous1/9/08

    A sign of 'The Times' ? :)
    Perhaps folk have got sick of newspaper hype.

  2. or maybe they prefer to 'see' the news on tv, rather than read!

  3. It is odd and a sad sight

  4. Or maybe they are all fat up with the news ! they are always bad or do you know good news ??

  5. Interesting ... and odd no one uses this free media outlet .. ;-)


  6. "Louis" hasn't bought a newspaper in probably 12 years - he was sick of the political bias of U.S. newspapers - and its only gotten worse since.

    The blogosphere has eaten into newspaper reading, though perhaps not as much in your location as in the U.S.

  7. I still love to read my newspaper each morning with a nice cup of hot tea. Great photo!
    Mountain Retreat

  8. I use to be a reporte on our small town weekly newpaper. Now I don't even read it.

  9. What an interesting bit of history. I wonder if the bench/newspapers were there to entice people to the surrounding stores or for husbands who hate to shop while their wives did?

    Great odd shot! Come and see mine on my new blog.

  10. Anonymous2/9/08

    If your economy is like ours, it's probably a case of not being able to afford to buy a newspaper. Excellent shot!

  11. There's just something special about sitting with your coffee and the newspaper. Very interesting (and colorful) shot.


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