Monday, September 15, 2008

Odd Shots On Monday #4

Well, this is not an odd sight in my city. The odd thing is that most people are using the safety grill as an attic. You can see a cooking gas cylinder in this photo.

This one has spare chairs and a table. The space is not intended for such use and spoils the look of the building. And I wonder sometimes if the grill is strong enough to hold one or two (I saw two gas cylinders in the sixth floor grill).

I find this also very odd. The space is meant for storing tools for house-keeeping in  an organized manner. But the staff has been filling it with stuff meant for reselling like used  deodorant and perfume bottles, old cardboard, thermocol, old wooden doors, sunmica sheets...


  1. Anonymous15/9/08

    These are excellent odd shots, Anu! The first one looks like a shop window for a clothing store. I love the second one with the chair and table legs sticking through the grill. The last one is anything but organized...looks like the inside of my tool room.

  2. They would look pretty with flower pots! Your shots are definitely odd in their present use!

  3. Excellent odd shots!


  4. I agree the first one looks like a clothing store. Wouldn't the clothes get wet when it rains? Excellent Odd Shots! BJ

  5. What an interesting series of photos. I thought the top one was a clothing store....


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