Monday, October 6, 2008

Odd Shots On Monday #7

As I walked up the pedestrian path on Palm Beach road, which is built over the railway line and Vashi railway station, I looked down to see the railway line and the greenery near it. I saw this portion of a pipeline on the ground. It was an unexpected sight and also Odd-looking, in the middle
of nowhere.


  1. Yes looks very odd - perhaps it was covered by soil that was then washed away ..

  2. Anonymous6/10/08

    It is odd. Must not be used but would be worth some money as junk. The metal probably has some value.

  3. It is odd to come across soemthing like this in such a green area.

  4. It really stands out too in such a green area. Great odd shot.

  5. It really can be odd to find something like this. We take pipes, drains, wires, etc for granted. But they have to be soemwhere.


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