Monday, October 20, 2008

Odd Shots On Monday #9

There are a few of these Odd signs in the green spaces (small spaces developed into garden area) outside Vashi Railway Station. I noticed that no one would really stoop down to reach the outlet there to drink water, when drinking water is freely available at all the food stalls at the station complex.
A closer look at the sign (all of them) revealed that 'sewage'' was spelt 'sawage' which is also odd, because the painting work is often given to people who don't know proper English.
This outlet is hardly a few inches higher than ground level.


  1. Interestingly odd ...

  2. yikes! I don't think I would be drinking any of that water either. definitely an odd shot!

  3. It seems so odd that they have to state the obvious, but some people need to be told.

  4. You wouldn't think a sign was required. Odd.

  5. Another odd find again, well done.


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